The Sovereignty of Networking

power of networking


There is a great value in networking amongst women entrepreneurs.  Women face many obstacles and barriers that are based on gender.  Working together in a collaborative effort can enhance our businesses and broaden our professional scopes.

In a Final Report from the Research on Women Entrepreneurs’ Social Networks it is stated that women that initiate business ventures are acquainted with less business owners than their male counterparts at professional networking events.  This study proposes that women are placed at a demerit from the establishment of their businesses.

The disadvantage that we face, reiterates the significance of networking with other women to build stronger connections that could prove as viable vessels of resources and communication.

In an article from the SME Toolkit entitled “The Importance of Networking,” there were four (4) benefits listed:

  • Networking boosts profit via recommendations from others.
  • It will help you to acquire the necessary knowledge needed to cultivate your business.
  • It will enable you to discover individuals that you can purchase products and services from.
  • It can promote your ingenuity about concepts for your business.

Linda Spradley Dunn is CEO and Founder of Odyssey Media, a marketing and communications company dedicated to linking multicultural women around the world.  Dunn travels across the country using her “In The Black Tour” to provide an arena for women to bond and learn from one another.

Odyssey Media’s moniker event “The Odyssey Business Retreat” is geared toward inspiring and equipping women entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to be successful in their fields.  Vanessa Williams and Ava DuVernay have been featured celebrities of the retreat which has been in existence for seventeen (17) years.

Networking is one of the most vital proficiencies needed to survive and excel as a woman entrepreneur.  Joining forces with like-minded individuals is both practical and savvy when attempting to build an empire that will benefit those affiliated with you and your company for years to come.  The best thing that you can do for your business is to establish connections that will positively impact the growth of your business and be an agent of evolvement  for yourself as an individual.