How to Work with Anita Ongoing…
Anita works with women business owners and CEOs through both her coaching, consulting and training programs. If you would like more specialized attention, then inquire to work with Anita personally, fill out this form here and get your 10x FREE Growth Session and to learn more about her 3, 6-month or 12-month coaching programs or about her added services such as strategic plan review, setup, strategy support and team training.
VIP Strategy Day

Would you like to make a big leap in your business and your life?
Anita does VIP Strategy Days for qualified applicants who wish to focus more intensely on their goals and get individual attention and receive the advice and strategies to take your company to the next level, transform your dream into reality for your business, and improve your personal life, Anita will partner with you to create a focused and actionable plan to increase profits and create measurable results. If you are tired of consultants and trainers telling you how to run a business when they’ve never done it themselves, then you will benefit from Anita’s VIP one-on-one business coaching program. You will partner with a coach who actually started and built a successful company with employees from the ground up starting out as a single mom on her own. Her cutting edge total immersion tactics to get you clear and focused and will get you the results you are seeking.

You will Gain Guidance From an Experienced Entrepreneur to:

  • Lead your company like the CEO you were meant to be.
  • Develop and leverage your services to reach more people in less time.
  • Produce measurable results for your company
  • Create performance metrics to enhance your company’s overall performance
  • Increase revenue and return on ROI.
  • Strategies to laser beam your focus and stay focused.
  • Restore passion and enthusiasm and impact your world with your business.
  • Experience a better quality of life and have more free time.
  • Get your employees to be more productive

Business Growth Coach, Anita Murphy, has the tools to help you map out the next level of your business growth. With Anita’s one-on-one business coaching, you will focus on getting the highest return on your time, and achieve more than you ever thought possible for all aspects of your business and your life. These proven strategies will improve yours as well as your team’s performance, double your profits, and improve your life.

In This VIP Strategy Day you will receive:

  • Creative direction on product, branding and strategic development
  • Systematic marketing techniques to attract your most aligned clients and customers
  • Mindset needed to grow your confidence and break through your roadblocks and succeed in your business ‘no matter what’
  • A foundation to grow a winning business so that you hit your bulls-eye and stand the test of time
  • Systematic processes that will increase revenue for all the facets of your business
  • Tools to overcome obstacles in your way
  • Lunch with Anita
  • A Private Preparation Call with Anita so you can ensure you are ready to make the most out of this pivotal day.
  • 30 day Success Follow-up Call by Anita to ensure you are implementing all her expert guidance successfully.

To discuss your goals and begin the interviewing process with Anita, fill out this brief form to see if you qualify.

Comments from just a few of the entrepreneurs who have worked with Anita:

“I have worked with Anita for several years. She has mentored and coached me throughout the start-up process of my business. Anita is very knowledgeable about start-ups and strategic business plans. She is a wealth of information. Anita is very professional, diligent and organized. I recommend Anita’ services to anyone who is serious about their entrepreneurial development. She has the ability to bring your vision to life. She is a thinker…”

– Sillerstean Harris, CEO/Founder of Comfort Ease

“ We truly appreciate your expertise and wisdom of a business owner.

We look forward to many more sessions and grateful for you facilitating our

second series.”

− Kirsten Lino, President of Women’s Network of Northeast Ohio and

− Stephanie Torok, Co-Chair of Women’s Network of Northeast Ohio
“Anita provided me with so much clarity and kept me focused.”

− Sonya Lee, Owner of Let’s Heal, LLC

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